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If you like making, breaking, hacking, designing, building, and other creative-type things, you should hang with us.

Thursdays 20:30—22:00 at West Village H, room 366

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One of Hacks members’ favorite pastimes is trying to describe what Hacks is. Here are some that we think are memorable:

  • Hacks is a place where cool people build cool stuff because it's cool
  • Tech tastemakers
  • We sit around and watch train videos
  • Social club for nerds
  • Hacks is like being swaddled inside of a maternity sweater while another person is also in that sweater. It’s warm and snuggly and of course you both fit
  • You know, we sit around, hack the pentagon, usually with our ally, the hacker known as 4chan.

If you want to add your own description come to a hacks meeting or email

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